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Rovic Standard Umbrella Mount

Standard Umbrella Mount

The RV3J uses the standard Clicgear umbrella mount allowing the addition of multiple accessories.

Rovic Score Card Console

Score Card Console

The RV3J uses its own compact and adjustable score card console with pencil and card holding straps. Also has two handy Clicgear Accessory Tabs underneath as well.

Rovic Ball Clip

Ball Clip

The included Clicgear Ball Clip makes it easier to store a sleeve of balls for each game.

Rovic Easy Clip Bag Straps

Easy Clip Bag Straps

These new Clicgear bag straps are designed to be easier to adjust and more secure. They work great with any size golf bag.

Rovic Adjustable Bag Support and Wheel

Adjustable Bag Support and Wheel

The lower bag support can be adjusted to provide a more stable base for leaving the bag on when folded. The front wheel can also be easily adjusted to correct the alignment.

Rovic Oversized Rear Wheels

Oversized Rear Wheels

The 13” (330mm) rear wheels of the cart are slightly larger than standard cart wheels to provide a smoother push on the course.

Rovic 13" Rear Wheels

Foot Brake

The RV3J has a simple to use and maintain foot activated brake. Provides positive on/off braking.